Friday, 27 February 2015

Important Factors for Writing an Online Publication Copy

Setting your heart out to be published online is a very achievable goal. There are countless online marketing news websites that are searching for writers to contribute to their publication lineup. Having the foresight on what editors and publishers are looking for in an article will increase your chances of getting published. Here are some few factors you should consider including in your online publication write-up:

Original Content

The most important factor is of course, content. Don’t just settle for good content. Aim for great content. This will help your article stand out from the other submissions. Be sure that your content is interesting, helpful, and fresh, as this will attract more readers.


Online publication is all about being searchable in the internet; this is done through strategic incorporation of keywords into the copy. Having a list of keywords that readers will most likely be searching for will help the article get the attention it deserves.

Reeling Headlines

Without a captivating headline, the chances of an article being read are slim. Drawing in readers and possible future subscribers is dependent on how good of a headline you create.

Consistent, Coherent, Cohesive

Articles that are well written are always appreciated by the editors. When you take the time to write a piece that is worth reading, your chances of getting approved for publication increases significantly.

Consider Contributing

Publishing under your own blog maybe the easiest way to get your written work published. The real advantage of contributing to an online marketing news website is the exposure and promotion you can obtain. This gives you more credibility as a writer and the chance to expand your audience. Get to writing and submit an article today!

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