Monday, 27 April 2015

Factors to Consider for Online Publication

There should be a lot of thought put into before making the decision to get into the online publication world focusing on digital marketing instead of going for print publication. As an online marketer and a writer, you should always learn the factors involved before jumping the gun. Here’s a list of these factors that you should put some thought into:

The Value of Time and Money

The resources you have will affect the choice of publication method you make. The two heavy-weight resources are financial and time because they can limit you whether you are already published or not. Financial costs for online publication is considerably less than print, but time will more like be the same or even greater for online writers. Consider your ability to meet deadlines as well, how good are you at managing your time? Print publishing has strict deadlines, but deadlines for online publishing can sometimes be flexible.

Marketing, Distribution, and Audience Reach

This is where online publication has the big advantage over print. Marketing, distribution, and reach is accessible to online writers with a click of a button as they can share links to their articles in several social media platforms. There is also the advantage of “queuing” posts so that they automatically appear at a scheduled time. This is impossible with printed publication as you cannot control when and where your article will end up.

Content and Quality

It is widely known that those who are published in print are more revered compared to their online counterparts. But that doesn’t mean that online writers aren’t producing quality content, in fact they are getting noticed and praised today. Especially those that are published on a credible online marketing news website. As wonderful as it is to be a published author in print, don’t dismiss the online world just yet. Either option has its pros and cons. The best thing for you as a writer to do is to weigh your resources and see which of these options will work best for you in the long run.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

SMBs Are Spending More on Marketing—Helpful Local Marketing Insights

With almost everything being done over the internet, more businesses are harnessing its potential to reach more people and entice more prospective customers. An article from Marketing Digest says that the beginning of 2015 brought a fresh start and inspiration among small to medium businesses (SMBs) in terms of internet marketing. According to a recent survey, 37 percent of SMBs are planning to spend more on their internet marketing strategies this year. Internet Marketing: How Effective Is It? The results of the recent BrightLocal SMB Internet Marketing Survey was published in their article “”. In the survey, almost half of the respondents admitted to allocating less than $300 a month on internet marketing, yet 37 percent of them are already planning on increasing their investments for internet marketing.

The Importance of Citing Sources in Online Publication

There are many hoops a writer goes through before they can get acknowledged by their readers and their fellow writers. Getting the attention of important people is even harder in the world of online publication. With the numerous websites and online marketing news websites producing articles by the dozen, how can a writer standout from all the competition? Building credibility and establishing authority is the fast ticket to getting the attention you, as a writer is looking for and deserves.

The Relationship of Credibility and Source Citing

Source citing is an integral part of the writing and publishing business. It works as a signpost and as an acknowledgement to other writers. Having a number of credible sources will give your article a boost of confidence. Serious readers will be able to identify and relocate the sources and see if the argument or your article in general, is worth their time. Another reason to have cited sources is to impress the editors who will judge your article for online publication. To pass their qualifications, the article you submit must be original and having a list of sources available gives your written work a trustworthy stamp, hence increasing your credibility with everyone who matters in the online publication world.

Research, Cite, and Get Published

All those hours researching on the web for credible sources shouldn’t go to waste. It’s natural for you as a writer to gather all the information you need, in order to give your readers an article worth reading. Get on the fast track to getting published on an online marketing news website through meticulous researching, and of course citing those articles that have helped you along the way.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Plagiarism, the Capital Sin in Writing for Publication

Taking credit for someone else’s work is an insult to the original writer and the readers. Plagiarism is widely frowned upon in the publishing world. It does not matter if it is print or online publication, creating original content is a must. For most writers, research is an integral part of the writing process and it is unavoidable to take inspiration from an article or two. These articles that have sparked inspiration in writing should remain as inspirations or as sources.

Sample Plagiarism Scenarios

If you are having a hard time identifying what counts as plagiarism and what does not, here are some examples that you can use as a guide: 1. Copying an article verbatim without proper credit to the original writer. Copying over 50% of a written work for a single publication is a major case of plagiarism. 2. Transcribing a large portion of an article (20-50%) for more than one paper of the same author without the proper use of quotation marks, reference, or any type of citation. 3. Improper paraphrasing of pages or paragraphs. Changing a few words or changing the order of the paragraph is not enough; this is still considered as plagiarism.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Being able to pin point plagiarism is one step to avoid committing this grievous mistake. Another way to ensure that plagiarism is avoided is to have as many sources as possible and citing them. This does not only make your work more credible, but it also gives you a wider perspective on the topic you have chosen. Making it into the ranks of published author takes hard work, perseverance, and dedication, but when you’ve been published on a credible online marketing news website, you will be on your way. Your readers, your editor, and everyone involved in the writing and publishing process will commend you on your original article, because you’ve earned their praises after all.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Informative Content Marketing News Outlets Expound on 2015’s Trends

Online marketing techniques have been very efficient at generating traffic to business websites, as well as increasing their return on investment. Given the continuous growth of organizations utilizing such strategies, however, the competition on the Internet has become stiff. That’s why content, as a cornerstone of many online marketing methods, requires tweaks to ensure that they constantly receive favorable results. Improving Content Websites and understand the significance of having original and quality content, and that’s why they’ve outlined some advice for businesses along with other relevant content marketing insights. Although content serves as the company’s main source of information regarding their products and services, placing value on it is a great way to gain customers. Marketing does not just mean selling; customer engagement is just as valuable in the whole concept.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Road to Publication

The world of online publication can be perceived by others as a battlefield. Many content writers are eager to get published and see their work posted online. We all want our work to be seen; it’s a chance for us to get more clients, build our business and get a firm reputation in the market. The internet is a very unpredictable place. One day a picture will go viral, then the next thing you know, people have forgotten it. So how do you really get published online? Here’s how:

Have a Touch of Uniqueness

This tip is clearly cliché for most people but it is the number one rule when it comes to online publication. Being distinctive and different gives you the edge towards being noticed. In a pool of content, it is your challenge to have that flickering light of uniqueness to signal your readers that your content is worth being read.


In order to write impeccable content, you must first solidify your foundation. Exhaust your reading scope and see the world around you. Get ideas and styles for your writing from the books that you read and from here, you can come up with a new idea.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Ecommerce News Trends and Software for Small Businesses in 2015

Judging from the impressive blitz of ecommerce marketing news from online sites such as Marketing Digest, you’d realize that electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce, has been slowly enriching the whole landscape of online shopping. Convenience, through fast service and smooth user experience, drive the direction of e-commerce, where technology is able to cater to every possible push to blend the advantages of traditional and online shopping. It is impossible to keep pace with the competition without integrating the latest e-commerce functionalities. The social media is expected to put in new apps for purchases, and Twitter has begun putting in the “Buy” button in its sites. In 2015, consumers can expect outstanding improvements with new strategies being planned for faster and more efficient delivery services by companies, following Amazon’s impressively controversial (but speedier) delivery drones, already in the works.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Keeping Up with Latest Digital Trends through Online Marketing News

With the breakneck advancements taking place in the digital world, businesses across various industries rely on timely online marketing news to stay updated and connected, such as that from Marketing Digest. To boost their visibility online, it is not enough for companies to incorporate just any new marketing strategy that comes along; effective digital marketing needs clear strategic planning that is propelled by sound business objectives. Google assumed its leading place among the search engines with its system of rating websites through the acronym “EAT”, which stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These principles are linked to Google’s first algorithm “Backrub,” which focuses on evaluating the qualities of websites through their backlinks. The credibility of these websites further increases (and their ranking pushed even higher), depending on the EAT factors of the sites that created the links.

Friday, 3 April 2015

The Latest in Web Design News: Responsive Web Design and Ecommerce

In terms of online marketing, a website for your business is often not enough. You’ll need to constantly adapt your business site according to consumer and market trends, particularly its website design, since it could greatly affect your site’s Google search results ranking. With the ever-changing world, it’s advisable to stay updated on the latest web design news, particularly on the growing trend that is responsive web design. Embracing Responsive Web Design Writing for Forbes, John Rampton in his article emphasized the significance of a responsive web design. Simply put, having a responsive web design ensures that your website can be accessed through any platform, be it desktop or mobile, and this is something you can achieve either by DIY platforms such as Wix and WP, or by hiring web designers who prioritize the creation of responsive web designs.

How to Write Irresistible Content

Writing a solid copy that will drive more people to your brand takes skill and precision. In order for a writer to start creating compelling content, one must first enjoy what they are doing. The key to having effective writing output comes when the writer is confident and comfortable in their environment. But that is just the beginning. Here are few ways on how to create irremissible content:

Craft an Eye-Catching Lead

The lead is known to the writer’s world as the introduction to your content. For most short articles, the lead could be the first paragraph or two. In terms of books, it is the first chapter. But when it comes to content, it is usually the first 100-600 words which is composed of your introduction and your point. Your lead should be interesting without being overly long. Tease your readers about your content. Try writing a fascinating story or little-known facts about your subject to entice their attention.

Make Your First Sentence Count

Remember that when it comes to online publication, you are only entitled to have three seconds to capture the attention of your audience. This is the crucial part of writing content. Always make your headline and your first sentence concise. Also, remember not to mislead. Your headline and your first sentence should direct your reader smoothly to your main point.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Latest SEO Insights: SEO Takes Time before Seeing Results, Experts Say

Most businesses might be skeptical about investing in search engine optimization, partly due to the fact that this strategy would take time before their websites begin to rake in an increase in traffic and an uptick in search engine results page rankings. Although it might be understandable to ask this question, a business like yours must understand that this strategy, among many other internet marketing strategies, takes time before you can actually see results. Experts share some interesting SEO insights on this matter. How Long, Exactly? Joshua Steimle, writing for , simply answers: “it depends.” He further explained that how long it will take for your SEO strategies to finally take effect will depend on how long your website has been around and how much SEO has been done on it previously. You should also consider the current state of your website, the amount of content in it, and its link profile.