Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Content Writing Secrets

Content writing is considered the core of online marketing. Online publication lets you share information with your target audience. Content is where you drive your information towards your audience. Since content writing starts with the written word, producing effective content must first start with mastering words. After that, it does not matter what type of content you write. The constant struggle of a content writer is producing substantial amount of content while keeping the quality high.

Never Leave the Research Phase

Research is the soul of all your content writing. In order to fill your stock of great content ideas, you always need to research. Researching is not confined in the 1st phase of your writing. It should always be an ongoing process.

Use Your Own Voice

When you write, you use your voice to convey information to your target audience. Do not try to copy someone else’s voice when writing content. Content writing should be about you giving your own style, personality and individuality to your brand.

Focus on “The One”

When writing for content, some writers tend to put too much information for fear of having their written output be labeled as bland and not that informative. Each copy you write should have one point. First, write all the details that you have in mind about the subject. Then pick only what you feel is necessary. Narrow it down until your idea is concise and straight to the point.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Reputation Marketing News Show How to Bounce Back From Online Backlash

In the past, your company’s reputation was primarily based on word-of-mouth. With the explosion of the Internet, however, anyone can share what they think about your company with ease. This opens you up to opinions both positive and negative, and when you want to learn how to deal with the latter, reading reputation marketing news from news sites like Marketing Digest is often a good place to start. says that if you’ve taken a hit to your online reputation, you can try some ways to minimize the damage. The first step is to do research. A company should identify what caused the negative discussion and figure out how to end it; additionally, a company should also see what platforms can be used to push the spotlight away from the negative discussion.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Reading Social Marketing News Will Prepare You to Start Your Campaign

Now that you’ve decided to start a social media marketing campaign for your business, the first step you should take is to learn more about what you’re getting into. You can do this by reading informative social marketing news on sites like Marketing Digest. This is even if you’re planning to hire professionals to do the heavy lifting; you’ll want to have an idea of where your money is going, after all. According to an , the very foundation of a social media campaign is that you want to engage your audience. You don’t want your updates on social media platforms to be naked sales pitches – the goal is to get people interested in your company enough to take advantage of your products and services. Used effectively, social media campaigns can generate leads for you on a small budget, which is something that makes it attractive to many small businesses.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Ways to Come Up with Original Content

The internet is full of published articles. Some may be self-published under users’ personal blogs, while some can be found on many an online marketing news website, but all the same they are still published. With the billions of articles that are available at a simple search, how can you compete with these online publications? By being original and fresh, of course! Getting into online marketing writing can be hard, but the best thing about this field is there are countless topics you can write about. If you’re still worried about not being original and insightful enough, continue reading and you can learn a trick or two.



Comprehensively Study the Competitor

Knowing what your competition is writing about gives you the edge. Not only will know the current trends in online marketing, but you will also gather the topics that have already been thoroughly explored and avoid writing about those.


Learn How to Newsjack

In simple terms, newsjacking means that you focus on current events that are identified online. Look at what people are talking about or asking about and jump on that bandwagon by writing about that specific topic. Keeping abreast with trends will ensure that you can come up with original material for online publication before anyone else can.


Content Enhancers Help

Content enhancers do what the name suggests--they enhance your content! These are the 2 different categories:

• Backup – these enhancers strengthen the points you make in your article. The most common types of backup are numerical facts and figures, which make it possible to quantify and visualize your concepts. Anecdotes provide a backstory for your copy, which give it life. Quotes on the other hand, add credibility to your work.

• Embeds – these are third media content that can be added to your article. Video, photos, and audios are commonly used embeds that make reading an article more enjoyable. Take a dive into writing an original publication of your own. You’ll never know; you might become a featured guest writer for an online marketing news website if you submit your original work.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mobile Marketing News Show Need for Presence in the Mobile Marketplace

With the rise of tablet and smartphone usage, it is surprising that companies still ignore the advantages of using mobile as a platform for sales and promotion. Reading mobile marketing news provided by articles on marketing news sites like Marketing Digest, however, should give them an idea of what they are missing. According to an featured on Venture Beats, over $500 billion dollars in sales are being influenced by content. A good example of the pervasiveness of mobile can be seen in Starbucks. Last year, the coffee giant reported that over 16 percent of all its transactions in North America were from mobile sources. In addition to that, the company is processing over $6 million a week in mobile transactions. Starbucks’ proactive approach to mobile has made it easier to buy from them using a smartphone and has given them a head start over competitors.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Latest PPC Insights Can Help Your Marketing Campaign Get Attention

The Internet is a constantly changing place and this affects many things, especially online marketing campaigns. If you want to be at the top of your advertising game, you’ll need to read up-to-date PPC news from sources like Marketing Digest. Learning about the new developments and techniques in managing PPC campaigns can help ensure that you’re prepared for the coming year. A valuable resource is on how to evaluate your Google PPC AdWords performance. This is important because knowing how well your PPC campaign is doing can give you an idea about what changes need to be made to make it more successful. The first step is to define the goals of the campaign; having a specific goal for 2015 like growing orders or market share is essential for measuring your campaign’s performance.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

How to Promote Your Guest Posts Effectively

Once your article has been successfully published in a distinguished online marketing news website, such as Marketing Digest, your job does not end there. The main goal for a published writer is to garner an audience and create bigger and better connections in the field. Online marketing is a competitive field and working to get more readers should be taken seriously if you want to build your credibility and widen your target market.

Promoting on Facebook

It is simple enough to share your link on your profile or page, but take it a notch further:

• Make intriguing headlines. This will capture the attention of your friends and followers and they are more likely read your article.

• Add a photo. By adding a photo to your post, more people will give it more attention. Be sure to put an eye-catching, but relevant photo to make your post stand out.


Tweeting Your Article

With the billions of Twitter accounts out there, here are some useful tips that can help your article stand out in one tweet.

• Use a URL shortener. This makes it easier to add captions to your tweet to make it more appealing.

 • Hashtags are best for optimizing. Using hashtags makes it easier for people to search for your content. This is an #EffectiveMarketingStrategy.

• Tweet snippets. Use the most interesting lines in your copy as tweets to ignite interest.


Gather a Google + Gathering

Make use of your circles on Google Plus effectively by trying out these simple suggestions in promoting.

• Headlines and descriptions are important. When sharing on Google Plus stream, include an insightful headline to give your article a boost.

• Include an image. Your published content will stand out from all the other when you opt to use images.

Dutifully promoting your published copy will ensure that you get maximum exposure. Your audience is waiting to read your original work, sign up and becoming a guest author at a reputable online marketing news website today.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Perks of Becoming a Guest Author at Marketing Digest

Becoming a published author in a digital marketing online publication like Marketing Digest is a dream come true for many online marketers. It used to take many months, sometimes even years before a first article could get published in print, but with the option of online publication, online marketers do not need to wait that long. With countless of online marketing news websites looking for talented writers to contribute to their articles, it is an opportunity that should not be missed. There are numerous benefits in joining the rank of a published guest author for Marketing Digest.

Gain Exposure

The top priority of any published author is to grab the attention of their reader. Being published at Marketing Digest, will you the exposure you need as it is a highly respected online marketing news website that is consulted by many professionals.

Establish Authority and Credibility

When you have passed the editing stages and your article has been deemed worthy for online publication, your authority and credibility with your audience will also start to build.

Free Promotion

Marketing Digest serves as a source for updates on the online marketing world; it is constantly being monitored by readers. When the website is promoted, your article will also get promoted and your target market will widen.

Immediate Publication

One of the best perks of online publication is the quick publication time. Once you submit your article, and it has passed through the extensive editing process, it is headed immediate publication.

The Badge of Honor

As a special treat for VIP authors, Marketing Digest gives them the chance to sport the badge of honor which links directly to your very own Marketing Digest Profile Page where all your articles can be found. This badge can be added to your website, blog, and even social media post. Stop wasting time on waiting for your article to be published in print. Online publication is the future of media; don’t miss your chance on becoming the next featured author. Sign up for the program now!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Be Updated and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Marketing has changed fast in the last few years, and it continues to adapt with new technology. From smart phones, tablets and social media, to a huge number of apps that can do almost anything. With marketers continually finding new ways to reach their potential customers and generate leads, keeping up with trends and strategies can be tough. But how can you stay ahead of them all? Follow these few steps.

• Instead of trying to use all the social media platforms, try to focus on the most, at least three, important ones. Identify which will work for your business.

• Be aware of what’s changing and try to figure out how to use them for your benefit. It doesn’t matter if you can’t be the one who comes up with a new idea. You just have to know what’s in and what’s not.

• Create an offer for your potential customers. Give them reasons to visit your site and make it worth their time so they’ll keep coming back.

• Maintain a blog with good content. Build a following by giving useful information.

• Be creative. Try posting relatable quotes once in a while.

Always remember to try out new ways to pull people in. Think of techniques and strategies that will help your business. There’s nothing wrong in experimenting. Technology is changing and you should, too. Learn and adapt effectively within those changes. Stay one step ahead of your competitors by knowing the latest online marketing news at Marketing Digest, your online marketing news website.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Social Media Trends You Have to Know

These days, it is not enough to only have a website for your business. It will just probably be ignored by the internet users if your competitors have created an effective online marketing strategy. There are a lot of ways to boost your online presence and get traffic to your site. One of which is Social Media marketing. It has become indispensable for success in online businesses. Business owners see this platform as an opportunity for growth and for reaching their target market easily.

Advertisements on social media are effective. You can reach your target audience easy and fast. If they like your ad, they may share it to their network. Microvideo is growing in popularity these days. It is like a tweet that’s short but concise. Microvideo sharing is a great way to build brand awareness. People nowadays are more attracted to updates that require short attention. Social media will be like your battle arena because your competitors will be there as well, fighting for the attention of the audiences. Pay attention to what they are doing, and then get ideas from them, creating your own competitive promotions.

Creative content with the use of social media can work wonders for your business. Plan effectively. Be updated with the latest trends in online marketing. Visit Marketing Digest, your online marketing news website.