Sunday, 15 February 2015

Top 5 Tips for Online Publication Writing

Anyone can type away on their keyboards and self-publish on their blog, but the question is, does anybody actually read what they are writing? With the millions of blogs out there, the likely answer is no. This is where the difference of being published on a reputable and reliable online publication website comes into play. Becoming a contributor or a guest writer for an online marketing news website is a writer’s stepping-stone towards getting an audience. Learning the different tips and tricks to apply for a copy will lead you closer to your articles being published.

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The first step in writer training is reading. You cannot expect yourself to be a good writer unless you’ve read good writing. Take the works you’ve enjoyed reading and admire them, use them for inspiration and you will emulate the same writing style into your copy.

Befriend Your Audience

While writing styles can be different, the common goal is to connect with the reader. Addressing the reader with familiarity makes it easier to capture their attention.

Dedicate Time for Research

Your credibility is at stake when you’re submitting an article for an online marketing news website. Triple check all sources and facts if they are indeed true to maintain a good relationship with your editors, publishers, and your readers.

Write Easy-to-Read Copies

It’s no surprise that online readers do not have much patience to scan through paragraphs. Instead, try using bullet points.

• They stress importance.

• They make copies easier to read.

• They give more information with less effort.

Give Due Credit

When citing a quote or an article, always provide a hyperlink to the source. This makes the article more credible. This also ensures that your copy is an original, and not a work of plagiarism. Now it’s time to start writing and make your dreams of being part of the online publication world come true.

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