Friday, 12 June 2015

Why You Should Make Mobile Your New Home

Mobile is the future. That is the undeniable truth when it comes to business or socializing. A lot is being done with just one smartphone.

So here are a couple of reasons why you, as an online marketing business man, must optimize your site for mobile.

  1. Mobile has great reach. Think about it. Almost all people have mobile devices. Ask around and you might have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t have a smartphone or access to it anywhere. More people on mobile devices means more people who can see, want, or avail of your products.
  2. Mobile users are different. According to some statistics, mobile users tend to spend more money than desktop users. More often than not, mobile users like to impulse buy. 
  3. Mobile users love mobile optimized sites. If your site is easy to navigate via smartphones, they will like your brand more. Some content can look great on desktop PCs, but sometimes they are very awkward on smartphones. Consumers tend to get frustrated if they have to pinch, zoom in, or even squint just to read your content.

See the Difference. Optimize Now

So you see, when it comes to any online material, whether it’s e-commerce or online publication sites, mobile is the dark horse of digital marketing. If your site is still not optimized for mobile, you should get on the bandwagon and do it now. Consult with trusted online marketing professionals and see for yourself the wonders of the mobile world.

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