Friday, 27 March 2015

Ways to Come Up with Original Content

The internet is full of published articles. Some may be self-published under users’ personal blogs, while some can be found on many an online marketing news website, but all the same they are still published. With the billions of articles that are available at a simple search, how can you compete with these online publications? By being original and fresh, of course! Getting into online marketing writing can be hard, but the best thing about this field is there are countless topics you can write about. If you’re still worried about not being original and insightful enough, continue reading and you can learn a trick or two.



Comprehensively Study the Competitor

Knowing what your competition is writing about gives you the edge. Not only will know the current trends in online marketing, but you will also gather the topics that have already been thoroughly explored and avoid writing about those.


Learn How to Newsjack

In simple terms, newsjacking means that you focus on current events that are identified online. Look at what people are talking about or asking about and jump on that bandwagon by writing about that specific topic. Keeping abreast with trends will ensure that you can come up with original material for online publication before anyone else can.


Content Enhancers Help

Content enhancers do what the name suggests--they enhance your content! These are the 2 different categories:

• Backup – these enhancers strengthen the points you make in your article. The most common types of backup are numerical facts and figures, which make it possible to quantify and visualize your concepts. Anecdotes provide a backstory for your copy, which give it life. Quotes on the other hand, add credibility to your work.

• Embeds – these are third media content that can be added to your article. Video, photos, and audios are commonly used embeds that make reading an article more enjoyable. Take a dive into writing an original publication of your own. You’ll never know; you might become a featured guest writer for an online marketing news website if you submit your original work.

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