Sunday, 15 March 2015

Perks of Becoming a Guest Author at Marketing Digest

Becoming a published author in a digital marketing online publication like Marketing Digest is a dream come true for many online marketers. It used to take many months, sometimes even years before a first article could get published in print, but with the option of online publication, online marketers do not need to wait that long. With countless of online marketing news websites looking for talented writers to contribute to their articles, it is an opportunity that should not be missed. There are numerous benefits in joining the rank of a published guest author for Marketing Digest.

Gain Exposure

The top priority of any published author is to grab the attention of their reader. Being published at Marketing Digest, will you the exposure you need as it is a highly respected online marketing news website that is consulted by many professionals.

Establish Authority and Credibility

When you have passed the editing stages and your article has been deemed worthy for online publication, your authority and credibility with your audience will also start to build.

Free Promotion

Marketing Digest serves as a source for updates on the online marketing world; it is constantly being monitored by readers. When the website is promoted, your article will also get promoted and your target market will widen.

Immediate Publication

One of the best perks of online publication is the quick publication time. Once you submit your article, and it has passed through the extensive editing process, it is headed immediate publication.

The Badge of Honor

As a special treat for VIP authors, Marketing Digest gives them the chance to sport the badge of honor which links directly to your very own Marketing Digest Profile Page where all your articles can be found. This badge can be added to your website, blog, and even social media post. Stop wasting time on waiting for your article to be published in print. Online publication is the future of media; don’t miss your chance on becoming the next featured author. Sign up for the program now!

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