Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mobile Marketing News Show Need for Presence in the Mobile Marketplace

With the rise of tablet and smartphone usage, it is surprising that companies still ignore the advantages of using mobile as a platform for sales and promotion. Reading mobile marketing news provided by articles on marketing news sites like Marketing Digest, however, should give them an idea of what they are missing. According to an featured on Venture Beats, over $500 billion dollars in sales are being influenced by content. A good example of the pervasiveness of mobile can be seen in Starbucks. Last year, the coffee giant reported that over 16 percent of all its transactions in North America were from mobile sources. In addition to that, the company is processing over $6 million a week in mobile transactions. Starbucks’ proactive approach to mobile has made it easier to buy from them using a smartphone and has given them a head start over competitors.

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