Monday, 27 April 2015

Factors to Consider for Online Publication

There should be a lot of thought put into before making the decision to get into the online publication world focusing on digital marketing instead of going for print publication. As an online marketer and a writer, you should always learn the factors involved before jumping the gun. Here’s a list of these factors that you should put some thought into:

The Value of Time and Money

The resources you have will affect the choice of publication method you make. The two heavy-weight resources are financial and time because they can limit you whether you are already published or not. Financial costs for online publication is considerably less than print, but time will more like be the same or even greater for online writers. Consider your ability to meet deadlines as well, how good are you at managing your time? Print publishing has strict deadlines, but deadlines for online publishing can sometimes be flexible.

Marketing, Distribution, and Audience Reach

This is where online publication has the big advantage over print. Marketing, distribution, and reach is accessible to online writers with a click of a button as they can share links to their articles in several social media platforms. There is also the advantage of “queuing” posts so that they automatically appear at a scheduled time. This is impossible with printed publication as you cannot control when and where your article will end up.

Content and Quality

It is widely known that those who are published in print are more revered compared to their online counterparts. But that doesn’t mean that online writers aren’t producing quality content, in fact they are getting noticed and praised today. Especially those that are published on a credible online marketing news website. As wonderful as it is to be a published author in print, don’t dismiss the online world just yet. Either option has its pros and cons. The best thing for you as a writer to do is to weigh your resources and see which of these options will work best for you in the long run.

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