Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Ecommerce News Trends and Software for Small Businesses in 2015

Judging from the impressive blitz of ecommerce marketing news from online sites such as Marketing Digest, you’d realize that electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce, has been slowly enriching the whole landscape of online shopping. Convenience, through fast service and smooth user experience, drive the direction of e-commerce, where technology is able to cater to every possible push to blend the advantages of traditional and online shopping. It is impossible to keep pace with the competition without integrating the latest e-commerce functionalities. The social media is expected to put in new apps for purchases, and Twitter has begun putting in the “Buy” button in its sites. In 2015, consumers can expect outstanding improvements with new strategies being planned for faster and more efficient delivery services by companies, following Amazon’s impressively controversial (but speedier) delivery drones, already in the works.

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