Friday, 3 April 2015

How to Write Irresistible Content

Writing a solid copy that will drive more people to your brand takes skill and precision. In order for a writer to start creating compelling content, one must first enjoy what they are doing. The key to having effective writing output comes when the writer is confident and comfortable in their environment. But that is just the beginning. Here are few ways on how to create irremissible content:

Craft an Eye-Catching Lead

The lead is known to the writer’s world as the introduction to your content. For most short articles, the lead could be the first paragraph or two. In terms of books, it is the first chapter. But when it comes to content, it is usually the first 100-600 words which is composed of your introduction and your point. Your lead should be interesting without being overly long. Tease your readers about your content. Try writing a fascinating story or little-known facts about your subject to entice their attention.

Make Your First Sentence Count

Remember that when it comes to online publication, you are only entitled to have three seconds to capture the attention of your audience. This is the crucial part of writing content. Always make your headline and your first sentence concise. Also, remember not to mislead. Your headline and your first sentence should direct your reader smoothly to your main point.

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