Thursday, 1 October 2015

Dealing with Negative Reviews

Dealing with bad online reviews can be tricky, especially when you think that the complaint has little to no merit. It’s instinctive to jump in and justify your company, but you should always stop yourself. There is a reason the saying “Customer is always right” has become a well-known business policy.

Consumers are the life-jacket of your company in a sea of competitive business: they keep you from drowning. Word of mouth is the best strategy in marketing, and if a consumer is unhappy with how you dealt with a certain problem, it can only escalate further. It could damage not just your reputation but also your sales.

Acknowledge the mistake and apologize.

It has become normal for people to hate on companies online if they feel like the business is dodging the blame or passing it onto others. Just as it is in personal relations, putting the blame on others is unwise because it just adds fuel to the fire.

Don’t answer negativity with negativity

Justifying your company and making the consumer realize it’s their fault is one thing. Being aggressive about it is another. Hitting back never leads to anything but more trouble, so it’s best to stay positive and instead turn the tables by engaging in a constructive way that will show your consumers that your company really cares about them. Be genuine and watch how you phrase your words.

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