Saturday, 24 October 2015

Mobile Marketing Insights: Businesses Today Need Mobile Apps to Succeed

Though primarily the realm of big business, mobile marketing has progressed to a point where small and medium enterprises can now enjoy the benefits of mobile apps. SME’s need for mobile apps goes two ways: first, to help them run their business (communication, organization, time management, payment). Second, to help them reach and stay connected with their target audience. For marketers who want to understand both needs better, here are some mobile marketing insights from industry pundits. Apps for Business Owners Steve Nicastro (@StevenNicastro), on his article for NerdWallet (@NerdWallet) titled “The 20 Best Apps for Small-Business Owners”, noted that most business owners often have difficulty keeping track of employee work schedules, handling customer complaints, and monitoring expenses. A good app is what these owners can use not only to make their lives easier, but also to increase their business’s productivity and organization.

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