Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Learning the ways of better email marketing through accurate news and insights

A business seeking a greater online presence nowadays will have a raft of tools at their disposal, one of which is email marketing. The practice involves sending special newsletters as attachments to customers who leave their details in a store feedback database. If you barely have an idea of how to do it, a source of marketing news and insights may help you out with a bevy of ways.

Simple Feedback/Subscription

Your website needs a feedback form located on a side of the page and should be active on all other pages to help customers log on. The form needs to have a few fields as possible, such as name, email address, and feedback text field plus a checkbox signifying consent to be furnished newsletters as email attachments.

Working the Newsletter

If your updates come in the form of newsletters, craft it so that the final design of the template is in line with your company’s official branding and existing content. This reassures the customer that what they’re perusing is truly from your firm. The articles in the newsletter, while reflective of the branding, must be broken up into shorter paragraphs for easier readability.

Targeted Sends

Customers patronizing your business may come from a variety of demographics. As such, you can expand your feedback form to include their items of interest; from here, you can tailor the newsletters to be specific to the target audience. For example, if your business is a hobby kit store, an attachment can be made for scale-kit modellers, while another will be addressed for RC enthusiasts.

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