Thursday, 15 October 2015

Taking a cue from Marketing News and Insights to make effective viral videos

When you’re checking the rounds for any ideas to promote your business, viral videos may be among those that pop into mind. Any way you put it, a video helps show people a more tangible side of what product or service your business is about. Crafting it all together, though, can come through reading some informative news and insights on the marketing industry. There are a number of critical elements to consider when shooting a viral marketing video for your business.

1. Response to questions

Some viral videos are designed to address questions long raised by people. A number of these may even involve elements of your product or service in passing, especially when its about a case of problem-solving.

2. What’s it about?

The viral video needs to have an eyecatching title that immediately defines the video in a few words. A short description helps people know what the video is all about. In certain cases, uttering a certain keyword as part of the video script may work when attempting to post subtitles. You cannot rely on the video service’s subtitling system as certain dialogue may come out wrong.

3. Toot-Sweet

Viral videos must be short but still long enough to carry the message accurately to the audience. It may be possible if the footage is edited well and the dead air is eliminated. Some of the more popular viral videos can clock up to five minutes, but depending on the content thrust, others may go as short as two minutes.

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