Friday, 1 May 2015

Pass the Criteria to Get Published

In the effort to make online marketing publication more credible, online marketing news websites who encourage guest authors to submit their articles for publication have set a strict criteria. This is a quality control measure to ensure that all articles published on their website are up to the highest standards. After all, it’s not just the author’s name and credibility that’s on the line, it’s theirs too.

Contributor Content Criteria

It’s not an easy task to create content that will immediately impress editors and publishers. To help encourage aspiring writers succeed in the online publication realm, here’s the criteria to follow.

  1. All content submitted should be focused, coherent, cohesive, and concentrates on an important topic related to the online marketing scene.
  2. Make sure your article is informative, educational, and useful for readers.
  3. Contributors are expected to submit well-written content.
  4. Short and concise paragraphs are recommended.
  5. Strictly no plagiarizing or paraphrasing existing content. All written works should be original and unique.
  6. Research all articles thoroughly. Only present facts from substantial and trusted sources.
  7. When required, properly cite ideas, phrases, or quotes.

Putting your best foot forward and submitting content that passes the benchmark will give any writer a boost in confidence. Keep writing and researching, the dream of being a published writer and an authority in online marketing is within your reach through Marketing Digest.

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