Friday, 15 May 2015

To Be Credible, Be a Guest

As the power of the Internet has grown, so has the propensity of many people to try to establish themselves as subject matter experts online. Whether they’re motivational speakers, fitness experts, or authorities on finance, virtually (pun intended) everyone has put up a blog to put in their own two cents to about any subject. And digital marketing is no different.

There are many facets of digital marketing, ranging from technical aspects that focus on analytics, search engine optimization, and other digital tools and tactics, or softer aspects such as how to create user-friendly experiences, or shareworthy content. With so many niches, it’s no wonder a lot of people set up their own blogs and try to establish themselves as marketing gurus. Chances are, you’re trying as well.

The Power of Guest Authorship

While there is nothing wrong with having your own domain, consider that not everyone will immediately flock to your corner of the Internet. Even the most charismatic and intelligent influencers did not have authority right away; it had to be built, little by little, and it certainly didn’t happen from them staying where they are and just shouting, so to speak.

So how do you establish authority? Don’t stay on your own soapbox; instead, go out and find audiences and get their attention. This can be done by doing guest postings on authoritative sites other than your own. is a site that hosts articles and content on marketing, with the aim of providing value to digital marketers everywhere. Part of their mission is their authorship program, which gives subject matter experts the opportunity to add to the ever-continuing conversation on digital marketing. With aggressive promotion using both paid and organic methods, this site is geared up to be a great stage from which marketers can make themselves heard.

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