Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Place for Everything, and Everything in That Place

The Internet is a wonderful place. With its sheer diversity of information, coupled with the power of search engines, it has made life so much easier, and is arguably the driving force behind the Information Age. As more and more people get connected to the Web, the information it contains can only increase.

Information Overload

However, with the increase of information, there is an increased risk of overload. With all the sources of content that are presented to the average netizen, even with just one simple Google search using one keyword, there is so much to process and sift through. The natural tendency is to just check the first few search engine results, of course, but this method is often inefficient when you want to look for news and insights on particular subjects.

Have a One-Stop Marketing Site

Online marketing is one such example: while a business owner or marketing professional might want to find out more about online marketing by doing a search about it, it will likely be difficult and time-consuming to process and filter out the most relevant and timely articles. In a speed-oriented world, this will not do.

That is why the idea of content curation came about. The idea is very simple: just like museums show only the most valuable and choice pieces that are related to their focus, content curation sites feature only the most timely, relevant news and insights related to their topic.

Small business owners or digital marketers may want a place to get their fix of online marketing analyses and information. While the old maxim goes “a place for everything, and everything in its place”, there are certain subjects that are so important, even having several places to look at and check can be a hassle. With the power of content curation sites, the ideal point of having a “one-stop shop” for content related to an industry has arrived.

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