Saturday, 28 November 2015

Getting a Leg Up on Better Infographics by Reading Fresh Market News and Insights

When circumstances warrant using visual aids to educate people about factual matters, a product, or service, there often is a scramble to create pictures that best describe the subject yet easy to understand. Infographics often fall under this category – a picture with laden information organized in a special format and fixed for bigger visual impact. If you experience problems trying to hammer a decent infographic, some sources of marketing news and insights may help you do things better.

Here are some tips to make a good infographic:

Own Style – Looking at various infographics may help you get ideas on how to present your information, but many marketers frown on outright emulation of existing infographics. Instead, try assembling your own design flair for your infographics and limit taking existing visual cues.

Content Selection – the content to be used for the infographic doesn’t have to be all about your product or service’s big features most of the time. You can take the time to share valuable tidbits about your chosen industry and how your product or service fits into the equation. At the same time, market research enables you to tailor the infographic around specific target audiences.

For example, if you’re licensed to operate a training school for fighting style disciplines like Krav Maga, some infographics may include using easy to learn moves to ward off attackers and escape to seek help. The material can also state specific pressure points in the body that also hurt attackers the most.

Sourcing – If you post hard facts, you will need to list down the actual sources you got the data from and put the links in the document itself.

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