Thursday, 26 November 2015

Marketing News and Insights May Guide You on Better Author Promotion

Some people may develop a gift of writing any form of literature. It may be a way to creatively vent frustrations or a way to inspire people. The real challenge though is that no matter how well-crafted the work may be, it’ll be all for nothing if readers can’t even find the author online. If you’ve had problems making your written works known to a certain audience market, browsing a site full of quality news and insights may turn things around. There are a number of places where the knowledge gleaned from them can produce a desired effect.


The website needs to have a clean, professional look that evokes the themes in your literary works and has well-written content to match. The material’s quality may aid search engines in ranking it. The website’s loading speed should also be tweaked; some studies recommend it to be no more than five seconds, especially when there are certain content pieces that are too big, like hi-res pictures. Take the time to find highly positive reviews of your work and screencap them for publishing in the site’s Testimonials section.


Special videos are beginning to make waves in educating fans about you and your work. The clips may include podcasts or video FAQs, readouts of your Twitter feed from fans, or even sample readings of book chapters. There’s a chance that you will attend a writers’ convention or a meet-and-greet/signing; both events are opportunities to actually interact with fans and fellow writers, and you should take the time to record the event, complete with voiceovers.

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