Saturday, 21 November 2015

Staying Social

It’s official: social media has become integral to the success of small businesses, and some large ones too. Traditional advertising hijinks have waned in popularity as more and more people divert their eyes to their computers and smartphones for news and insights--and that’s where you have to be. Getting opinions and gossip about a brand has never been faster, for better or for worse. When it comes to social media, it’s tempting for a marketer to trumpet hard selling statements in an attempt to drown out any criticism, but reality disagrees with this method. Joining the conversation is not only the most fruitful way to manage social media—it is the only way.

Keep an Ear Out

Criticism only means that people care about your brand enough to mention it. Listen to their complaints, answer courteously, and figure out how you can change for the better. Of course, there are some people out there who simply ask for things that you can’t provide, but always be respectful of your answer. More than anything, doing social media for brands has taught us that people like being heard and acknowledged.

Speak Up!

Sharing is what social media is all about. If you run a small company, don’t shy away from announcing that one of your employees is celebrating their birthday. Small businesses have a lot to gain from the humanizing factor of social media. Don’t miss an opportunity to appear even more accessible and relatable. It’s a great way to pull on some heartstrings!

Social media has done a lot in evening out the playing field against companies with nearly limitless marketing budgets. Do everything you can to establish your niche by staying social.

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