Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Online Marketing News: The Relevance of Beacons in Online Marketing

Consumers have come to expect a more convenient and personalized shopping experience from brands and companies. In fact, several major brands are leveraging this expectation by using “beacons” to send alerts and ads to people who step into their stores, regardless of whether they’ve purchased an item or not. Converting Shoppers with Beacon Technology Similar to how a lighthouse beacon guides ships out at sea, the beacons in commerce attract and direct visitors to particular retail stores with the aim of converting them into customers. According to the latest online marketing news, beacon technology is the latest innovation in marketing that translates digital marketing goals into real-life sales for businesses, via a process called retargeting. As the name implies, retargeting involves collecting data from shoppers’ online/offline purchasing habits and using that data to generate online ads that target that particular potential customer.

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