Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Art of Online Marketing Warfare

Some people talk about online marketing as a competition, one where businesses constantly fight to get a bigger slice of the industry pie. That’s true, to a big extent. In fact, one can go further to say that online marketing is a war… and to form a winning strategy, you have to keep a few basics in mind.

Know Your Target

A lot of businesses’ campaigns suffer because they don’t know who they’re aiming at. Obviously, no business can be everything to everyone. As much as you want to capture territory in the form of market share, it’s typically unfeasible to try appealing to all customers at once. So do a SWOT analysis; based on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, determine the ideal market segment for you to aim at. In this phase, it’s worth looking at industry news and insights to look for things that might impact your decision.

Prepare Your Ammo

Another problem that people in online marketing have is with the content they fire at their targets. Conventional wisdom says that you should constantly update your marketing channels with content. While that’s true, you should also make sure what you send out there is interesting and relevant. If you just fire content out with no regard to what appeal it might hold for viewers, it’s like you’re just tossing bullets at a wall to see which will punch through. What can you tell or show your target market to make them interested in you?

Pick Your Moment

Another tempting tactic is to just send content out constantly. The more times you fire, the more likely it’ll hit the target. That’s true, but if you miss more times than you hit, it’s not very efficient. The important thing is to make sure you hit when it counts. What time is your target market usually online? That’s a good time to do social media postings. Any specific holidays or events you want to promote? Consider the timing beforehand to effectively promote them.

Whether your business is a large empire or small guerilla troop, you have to bring your best when fighting in the online marketing war. To firm up your strategy, you of course need to keep tabs on the hottest online marketing news and insights.

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