Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Go Mobile or Go Home: Local Marketing Insights for Business Success

Local marketing is a great way for small and locally-owned businesses to connect with leads and existing customers in their target market. As noted by Ben Gran in an article that appeared on Kabbage (@KabbageInc), “local marketing creates opportunities for small businesses to compete with big brands on a more level playing field.” Gran further notes that many leads and customers are looking for information about local businesses, and thus, are more receptive to seeing advertising that is tailored to their immediate location. Listed below are some of the top trends that will shape local marketing this 2015: Consumers are Rapidly Adopting Mobile & Tablet As reputable local marketing news sites like Marketing Digest have noted, consumers are adopting smartphones and tablets at an unprecedented rate. According to the latest data from comScore (@comScore), 190.3 million people in the United States owned smartphones.

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