Thursday, 24 September 2015

Online Marketing Insights: Automated Webinars & Audience Engagement

The latest online marketing news indicates that webinars are a great tool, as they fuel audience engagement and generate extra revenue for businesses. In spite of their marketing power, however, they can take your focus away from the other aspects of your business since producing live webinars is energy- and time-consuming. Additional drawbacks include technical glitches, conflicts in schedule, as well as the lack of opportunity to polish content for a flawless delivery. So, if you see webinars as promising marketing tools but don’t like the downsides of doing them on the spot, then automated webinars are for you. Simply put, you record the webinar ahead of time, upload it to your chosen webinar service, set streaming time and registration processes—and voila! Customers and subscribers worldwide can access it at any time of the day and view them multiple times at their own pace.

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