Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Outdated PPC Insights and Practices That Must Be Avoided at All Costs

Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry, and paid search is no exception. In fact, paid search platforms have grown increasingly complex over the years, making it important for account managers to adapt to changes as they come. Digital marketing specialist Erin Sagin, in her WordStream (@WordStream) article “PPC Worst Practices: 5 “Smart” Strategies That Are Actually Dumb,” expresses sheer dismay at how many remain unable to tailor-fit their PPC strategies to suit present challenges. In turn, she reveals PPC practices that must be avoided: Driving PPC Traffic Directly to the Home Page Articles on PPC news portals like Marketing Digest have stressed repeatedly: redirecting PPC traffic to the home page is not ideal. Instead, creating custom-designed landing pages can help immensely by improving the relevance of the ad, which in turn can meet the needs of those who’re searching for a specific product or service.

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