Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Communicating Effectively on Social Media

Social media is an effective tool for your business that gives you outlet to reach your customers and for new prospects to discover your business. Social media allows you to shape the perception of your company to your network and form different ties to connection through these different platforms. To effectively communicate on each social media network, you must make strategic adjustment to ensure your posts get noticed.

Here’s how you can strategically communicate in various platforms:

Facebook gives you an environment to relate to your network. You don’t need to use a professional tone, instead, share tidbits about your company and post about charitable events or foundations your organization supports. Even though Facebook is more informal and relaxed, it is important to avoid excessive posts.

Twitter is best used for short posts and quick updates. Frequent posting increases your visibility on people’s timelines because of constant updating stream. For your tweet to get noticed, catch commuters when they are most likely to interact – 5-6 p.m.

If you are looking for the best B2B social media platform, look no further. LinkedIn provides a more formal business setting to network with other businesses, potential hires, and future clients. This is site is a great place to develop new connections and network with people who have similar professional interests. The best time to post on this platform is during a workweek, during typical work hours.

No matter what platform you use, it is imperative to personalize. Even though you are marketing to a large group, social media posts make customers and contacts feel like they are dealing with another person rather than an overbearing business.

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