Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Useful Online Marketing News on Debunking Internet Promotion Myths

Although there is a general consensus on what marketing on the Internet is all about, that does not stop certain myths from propagating. An article on Forbes magazine titled , and another article on Lifehack titled , have sought to enumerate these myths and explain them so that businesses can better understand how to promote themselves on the Web. What can be understood from both sources is that there is no exact science to web marketing, and what might work for one website might not necessarily work for another. Both articles stress that online marketing is not a numbers game; instead of focusing on attracting a lot of traffic and using big keywords, businesses should try to cater specifically to their target market using quality content. With quality content, businesses can also build trust with their customers, and even provide value, instead of merely “converting” leads. These two news features, and other helpful online marketing news articles from reliable sources such as Marke

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