Friday, 3 July 2015

Digital Marketing in 2015

Marketing has evolved into many forms. The old adage “There is nothing permanent except change” applies to many things, and it applies to digital marketing as well. Over time, we have gathered news and insights about what we see as avoidable mistakes.

Seeing online marketing as a marketing “Add On”

Online marketing is often bypassed by some businesses, and this attitude is no longer acceptable. Online marketing is not an option anymore; in fact, in today’s world, it can often be the central consumer awareness and engagement platform.

Ignoring conversions

You may have built websites, social media networks, and top rankings, but you don’t have to stop there. Convert these into useful data and take the opportunity to collect contact information from them. These can even be collected through subscriptions or interactive banners.


You have launched websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest to make sure consumer touch points are available. If you remain inactive, it is much better to launch fewer assets, keep them updated, and be more skillful in leading consumers to these social media accounts.

Not doing mobile and tablet optimization

Mobile optimized websites and apps are the crowning glory of your online marketing strategy. Many sites that are not mobile and tablet optimized get buried at the bottom of search engines rankings; if your site is not mobile optimized, it could be one of them.

These are just a few online marketing mistakes that we’ve observed. To stay on top of your digital marketing game in 2015, subscribe to weekly news and insights here:

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