Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Get Better Yelp Reviews Today

Getting negative reviews on Yelp has its ugly consequences, you wouldn’t know how many small businesses have been affected tremendously just because of criticisms on Yelp. Marketing Digest, being the online marketing news website at your service, aims to help you increase your positive Yelp reviews with the following tips:

Fill out your profile

Take advantage of this ranking factor by filling out as many of the business information fields as you can, adding your company’s work hours and attaching pictures if possible. Yelp values businesses that have filled out their profiles to the greatest intent possible, which might be an edge to have a good ranking in Yelp’s internal search results.

Move positive reviews out of the filter

Yelp uses an algorithm that filters reviews that they think are fake, and those reviews get stuck at the bottom of the company page. In line with this, make sure to check if your filter for positive reviews are stuck, since they hold no standing in the overall score. That would be really unfortunate.

Ask help from loyal customers

It wouldn’t hurt to try asking some kind words from your loyal customers or clients to post on your Yelp page. Just think of it as the online concept of word-of-mouth.

Respond to reviews

Boost the odds of getting better Yelp reputation by responding to positive reviews. Yelp’s algorithms reward business owners who are active in managing their company’s profile. Make sure that you take the time to write customized responses to each positive reviews for a more genuine feel.

Getting a flawless Yelp Reputation is a very huge advantage for your business, but don’t forget to have an incredible service too, so your customers would come back for more. We surely hope this article helped you and your business. For the hottest online marketing news and insights, feel free to visit

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