Monday, 20 July 2015

SEO Trends to Watch Out For this 2016

Keep SEO agile with mobile

Mobile marketing is the future! According to eMarketer, 2015 will see mobile search’s peak – and that majority of spend, organic traffic and paid clicks will come from smartphones and tablets rather than the conventional medium like desktop or laptop search. This means that having mobile-friendly and responsive websites could not be enough, and brands are expected to kick it up a notch. This suggests coming up with a mobile marketing strategy, mobile e-commerce, mobile search marketing and advertising and integrating mobile, local and social. You could also take Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test here to determine if your site passes with flying colors:

The Rise of Infographics and Visual Media

SERP rankings have shown that images, infographics, video and other visual media are much more appealing and significant than plain text. It is expected that a user is more likely to find information that is more related to their search query with visuals.

The Utilization of Voice Search

Voice search changes the behavior of users by moving faster than type search. As you may know, voice search is now available on Apple Siri, Google Now and Windows Cortana phones, making it even more extensive. Conversational search helps consumers answer fact, stat-based questions, to refining searches. Although Google hasn’t provided exact statistics on the dominance of voice recognition over type search yet, you can appreciate the efficiency of this search assistant system, and how it makes the entire search process so much easier for time-pressed consumers.

Be in the forefront by learning SEO predictions to watch out for this 2016 as soon as possible. This is if you’re interested in making your brand stand out online for the year to come. Good luck! For the hottest marketing news and insights, bookmark

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