Wednesday, 22 July 2015

SEO Tips: Small Businesses Can Go Toe-to-Toe with Big Brands with SEO

In the past, small businesses had to try extra-hard just to keep up with the big brands. While this is still true, the playing field has been leveled somewhat due to SEO. For one, it has given them the opportunity to go head-to-head in terms of organic search engine traffic. According to recent SEO news by , “This is possible even though big brands often spend tens of thousands on SEO without batting an eye, and even though small businesses are spread thin on budgets and staff.” Meanwhile, another from says that small businesses can benefit a lot by focusing on a specific niche. They might think that covering multiple areas is better since it gives them a greater chance of visibility, but in reality this would spread their exposure too thin. On the other hand, focusing on what sets the business apart from the rest would give them a chance to get to the top spots of search engine rankings. Having one or a handful of keywords is better to increase visibility.

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