Sunday, 23 August 2015

Social Marketing News Provides Insights That Can Guide Your Strategy

Online marketing is a free-for-all environment. This forces marketers to seek ways to gain an advantage over their competitors, prompting them to read up on the latest social marketing news from sites like Marketing Digest. Such sites often have articles that perceptive marketers can use to their advantage; this is especially important in emerging fields like social media marketing, which has boomed in recent years. Go Where the Audience is A MarketingSherpa article (@MarketingSherpa) by Editorial Content Director Daniel Burstein provides great social marketing insights. Social media platforms have seen explosive growth in recent years, and this has been a boon for many marketers. After all, the more platforms that are available, the more places you have to promote your products, right? The problem is that a lot of businesses attempt to cover all the popular social media platforms.

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