Friday, 7 August 2015

Tips for Reducing Page Load Times

With the fast-paced lifestyles of people today, the majority has short attention span for everything they see in the internet. Netizens have the most incredible multi-tasking ability when facing their mobile phones or their laptop computers – switching from website to website at an astonishing rate. This means that a long-loading website can be irritating and has less ability to catch more online visitors.

Worry no more because there are ready-made solutions for a more effective and functional website:

  • Disable unnecessary plugins – Try to opt for one plugin that can do multiple tasks. You might also stop using separate analytics, sitemap and SEO plugins by using Yoast or other plugins that can perform all the necessary functionalities. 
  • Optimize your images – although great images can make a website more compelling and presentable, we should be aware that they too can increase the loading time of a website. For this, the solution we have is to choose the “Save for Web” option after you finish your work in Photoshop of Fireworks. You may also use image quality slider like or Yahoo. 
  • Manage your Cache – use plugins that can cache your latest version of your page and display it to users to avoid dynamic generation of every single pages. 
  • Minify your codes – when you analyze your website, you will see the factors that consume the most of the loading time. There are certain HTML codes that eat up more time to load. Some are flashy subscriber widgets, CDATA sections and other java scripts. Remove these unless they’re absolutely necessary. 
  • Enable compression – it works by reducing the bandwidth consumed by your pages using a tool called. Gzip. It is a great tool for speeding up your website. 

These are just basic ways to boost your website’s loading time. You don’t want to stress out your clients, right? Read more news and insights on website optimization that will establish a hassle-free connection between you your online visitors.

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